Period footage from the “Istituto Luce” projects us into the 1930s Limone. This was a true golden age for the town. Barbara Allemand's video story is divided into chapters and retraces the main stages of the transformation of the Limone area from the beginning of the last century to its current configuration.

Istituto Luce

What was Limone Piemonte like in the twenty years of the Fascist period?
These video clips from the Istituto Luce film archive take us back to the 1930s, when Limone's slopes hosted not only armed forces practices and crowded gatherings of excursionists but also major sporting and social events with the participation of political authorities and jet-set personalities.

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Ski history in Limone

Through its stories and testimonies, the documentary 'Skiing in Limone' by Barbara Allemand illustrates the main stages in the development of the town as a tourist and ski resort of reference within the lower part of Piedmont. It spans from the first ski practices at the beginning of the 20th century to the birth of the Riserva Bianca ski resort.

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